Hello! I'm DORALIN, a passionate

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I seek connection, the relationships, the laughs, the real you & real me.

I'm so glad you're here and I would like to introduce myself!

I photograph weddings before I get married with my wonderful wife Daniela.

I started a little shy in 2010 when I photographed the first wedding with a borrowed camera. Since then and until today, I have photographed hundreds of weddings, engagements and sessions for couples in love.

I firmly believe in marriage and that the family is God's divine gift to us.

My native country is Romania, where I had a great childhood, but since I was little I traveled frequently. When I got married, I worked for 2 years in Brussels, and from there I often end up in Paris for photo sessions with brides and couples who were getting engaged.For a while we chose to enjoy the beaches of the Alicante region in Spain, in 2016 we decided to return home to be full-time photographer.

In the meantime, our baby boy Mattia was born, a sweet child who was diagnosed with cancer, and that's how we ended up living in Italy for more than a year and a half, where he is receiving medical treatment.He is still under observation but feels very well.

I traveled a lot and had the opportunity to photograph weddings and couples in Lake Como, Tuscany, Liguria, Lombardy, Portofino, 5 Terre, Rome. God, helped me to go through this disease more easily.

I am deeply grateful for this country and its people. Here I learned even more to value every moment and I understood you must be present for your loved ones.

Your wedding is one of those moments that deserve special attention.I bring all the sensitivity learned on my own skin, professional expertise and love for life, so that your wedding is authentically documented.

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I would define my style as fluid and continuously evolving. After so many years,with people from various cultures and nationalities, I learned to take into account your personality more than to photograph trends or for contests. Trends pass and your photos must remain a living legacy for you and those who come after you.

Not all of us are professional models, but on your wedding day you are the star and I make sure you feel that way, and this will also be seen in the photos taken.

During the entire event, I will carefully document those moments that characterize you and that you will be able to relive with joy.

In the moments when we are just with you at the photo session, inspired by the location and my baggage of knowledge, I will give simple instructions that will bring an editorial style to your story.

All this without you feeling uncomfortable or finding it difficult.






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